School Partnerships

The Geschwister-Scholl comprehensive school maintains partnerships with schools from the in and foreign country. At present regular exchange with the USA and Great Britain take place, further are due to follow by the Comenius project among other things.

Exchange program with the United States


Homepage Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School
In the context of a state contract between North Rhine-Westphalia and the State of New York exists since 1991 a school partnership with the Burnt Hills/Ballston Lake senior High School and the there Middle SchoolBurnt Hills is located approximately 40 kilometers from Albany, the capital of the State of New York.

In each years october pupils of our school travel for three weeks to the USA and in March come for likewise three weeks American pupils to Moers. The exchange program combines the school attendance, the life in a host family and several excursions. Our group terminates the USA stay with a three-day-long attendance of New York town center. This exchange is connected with a very close co-operation of the schools in all specialist areas and with common instruction projects. Likewise an intensified German instruction in the USA and the bilinguale training programme are decided in the subject English at our school in the convention. (see also: bilingual training programm). The schools are connected by electronic media, e.g. Internet and E-Mail contacts, which active and economical communication the pupil shank and the teachers make possible. A goal of the program is the improvement of the occupation and study possibilities in both countries, since the contract plans the mutual acknowledgment of the conclusions. Also longer foreign stays for individuals are possible within the framework of this program.

Partnerships with China

Homepage of Beijing
Since 1998 two school partnerships with China, with the BAYI Highschool Beijing, exist one a further with the NAN YANG Highschool Shanghai. In annual exchange meetings pupils have, educate-entitled and colleague opportunity to mutual becoming acquainted with of culture and economics of the partner country. In a China working group the national language Mandarin under the direction of Mrs. Diener-Gerstenberger can be learned.
You can see pictures of a trip to China here

Shanghai Nanyang High School

Exchange with Moers' partnership town Knowsley

Homepage of Knowsley
By the city of Moers is organized annually in the context of the partnership between cities a schueleraustausch with one-week stay in Knowsley and with back meeting in Moers. The pupils live in families and visit the partner school. The program is organized and promoted by the cities.

Partnership with Institut de Batxillerat Joan Oro in Lleida, Spain


Homepage of spanish school
Spanish as the third foreign language starting from class 9 and as again using foreign language in the gymnasialen upper stage of our school enjoys of ever larger popularity. In order to make for the pupils possible the opportunity also here for meeting with humans of the target language, we furnished a school partnership with a Spanish school in the proximity of Barcelona to 1996. A schueleraustausch every fourteen days on mutuality takes place also here.

School partnership with comprehensive school Letschin in Brandenburg

Homepage of school
In the framework of the co-operation of the countries North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg we maintain a school partnership with the comprehensive school Letschin since 1993 with Seelow in the circle Maerkisch Oderland. Both schools work also together in a music project of the Robert Bosch donation

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